Are You Awake With Wonder?

Dear Wonderful Soul,

I started writing when I was six years old and made my first attempt at writing a novel about a little boy who finds a pet dragon in the woods. I wrote three chapters. My second attempt at writing a novel was when I was 12 years old. I created this massive fantasy world with thousands of years of history. I wrote 6 chapters.

Then I moved on from writing novels and started to write movie scripts when I was 18.

Since graduating from high school I’ve been pursuing a career in filmmaking, but I have also done a lot more. I started a non-profit organization, I’ve run my own businesses, I’ve dabbled in photography, and I’ve read a lot of books.

As I’ve grown older though, more and more I just want to go back to what that little boy wanted to do. I just want to write. At the age of 30, I’ve written a new book now. I wrote 12 chapters and it’s finished! I’m hoping to publish it in 2023.

Stay tuned!

These letters of wonders are for those who are interested in following along with my creative journey, but even more so these letters are a way to share the questions that I feel we need to ask ourselves.

Like I said, I’ve read a lot of books. The desire to read a lot came from my desire to discover knowledge and wisdom about life and the world which I could then weave into my stories. That initial desire has lead me down a remarkable road from one curiosity to the next. I feel like I’ve learned so much, and I know I still have a lot more to learn, that I may never be able to write it all into stories. There’s a lot that I want to pass on, and if you read my letters I hope to share with you inspiration and insights that will make life on Earth a little more wonderful.

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Stay curious!

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Zachary Tannar
Writer, Filmmaker, Photographer, but most of all a Dreamer. I wonder therefore I am.